We aim to see more, be more and create more. At Oceanum, we pride ourselves on being an independent fiercely creative, results-driven digital agency.

Oceanum and the Advertising Landscape

The downfall of print not just regionally, but globally, is not breaking news. The rise of digital platforms and marketing through these channels has put a significant dent in print investments, directly correlating with the steady decline in the need for print advertising. As further advancements in digital media technologies make digital advertising more feasible, there is little room for a print comeback. This may sound pessimistic on the surface, but considering the dramatic plummet in print spending over the last few years, budget cuts in major publications as well as so many companies ramping up initiatives to go green, it’s important to be realistic and take the facts for what they are.

Our Approach

Our passion for old school advertising lives on at Oceanum Advertising despite lower demands for print. We’ve found a way to change with the times and adapt to the shift in the advertising landscape while still delivering amazing results when our clients need a creative print ad. While we love the more traditional, Mad Men type of environment and sometimes feel like we were born in the wrong era, we welcome the new digital dynamics of advertising with open minds; ready to create.

The future of the Advertising landscape

Developments in several digital platforms are constantly underway. Every day new features and updates are introduced to digital and social channels, making it increasingly important to be forward-thinking in order to evolve as needed and be the backbone for our clients. The digital element of advertising has rapidly emerged with quite a strong presence, and the challenges that accompany the changing landscape, as a result, are the driving forces behind our “why”. Why we aim to see more, be more and create more; and what motivates us to overcome each challenge that washes up onto our shore.